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THAI YOGA THERAPY consists of a series of interactive, flowing movements, stretches and rhythmic massage, along all the body’s energy lines and pressure points. The often deeply meditative experience can result in a profound release from mental and physical stress. The practice can be quite stimulating when performed vigorously, causing the same after-exercise, blissed-out feeling of a good Yoga class. Or, it can be done gently, in a more soothing manner, depending on the restorative needs or mood of the client.

Treatment Options

Standard Session (2 hours)

Includes assisted Yoga stretches and Traditional (Northern Style) Thai Massage, full body, front, back, both sides, head, feet, hands

Extremity Remedy (1 hour)

Feet, Hands & Head, Thai-style reflexology and acupressure on major points to revitalize and release tension

Open-ended Session (up to 5 hours)

Includes 2-hour, full body session, plus customized, deep release stretching and acupressure

Intensive Series – 5 Sessions in 5 Days

Each 2-hour, full body session balances a different aspect of body-mind energy

All Day/On Location (up to three 2-hour sessions)

Entertainment industry, travel/retreats, corporate offices, special events

What Does It Feel Like?

by Deon de Wet

Do you remember
When it felt so good to experience your body?

When you were really feeling it
From the inside … outwards …

When your thoughts were about running, jumping and diving

And when you went to sleep,
That delicious exhaustion
After a long day’s play…

And as you stretched out under the covers,
The last thought …

About the rest of a glorious summer lying ahead,
Still waiting to be experienced …

As you blissfully float away,
Quietly anticipating the adventure of tomorrow …
Come … let’s remember.


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