Video: Divine Attitudes of Thai Yoga Massage: Karuna – Part 2 of 5

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Video: Divine Attitudes of Thai Yoga Massage: Karuna – Part 2 of 5

In this Part 2, of the 5-part series of talks where Deon de Wet discusses the Four Attitudes of Thai Massage, Deon talks about Karuna, also known as compassion.

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– DEON: This is Deon. Stand by for part two of The Divine Attitude series. This is about Karuna, spelled K-A-R-U-N-A, or compassion.

– DEON: The first one that most people are probably most familiar with is compassion, what’s translated as compassion, and that’s Karuna, by K-A-R-U-N-A. Now, we’re talking about it a little bit because compassion is a word that gets used a lot lately. And anybody who’s in the healing profession, I think, any kind of healing profession needs to be able to have compassion or else they’re basically in the wrong line of work. This definition of compassion is both, on a broader scale is basically the idea of empathy or having some kind of feeling that you can relate to the pain of somebody else. So, to some extent, in order to understand what’s going on with somebody, you’d like to help them with whatever they have, their situation. If you don’t really get what’s going on, you’re not really going to be able to help them. And part of it comes as an attitude. So, I like to see compassion as that feeling that you can identify with somebody else’s suffering to a greater or a lesser degree, and then you can understand it better. And then when you go into action, you’re more likely to do something. So, obviously, if somebody comes to you for a Thai massage and you could care less, you’re not going to do that good of a job.

– [Voiceover] Mhm.

– DEON: But there is a certain degree of, you know, suffering involved, even from the practitioner because you’ve got to be able to feel that. To learn more about the Deon Thai Method, how to become a practitioner, or how to schedule a session, you can visit the website at

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  1. Melissa says:

    I love your thoughts on Thai massage. Your approach is refreshing! Its sad that today’s bred of therapists coming out can’t relate. They only care about the almighty dollar. No compassion for their clients.

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