Video: Our Unique Approach To Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

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Video: Our Unique Approach To Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

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Traditional Thai Massage

Here is a video discussing our unique approach to traditional Thai Massage and how Deon de Wet’s deonThai™ METHOD is a unique blend of multiple styles. Please leave us some comments and let us know your thoughts. For your convenience, video’s entire transcript is inserted at the bottom of this post.


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– Hi, this is Deon de Wet. The deonThai™ METHOD is different than any other style of Thai Massage. Watch this video and find out more about our unique approach.


– I supposed if this is going to be a detailed introduction, to my method, then I should start with a description, that can then, later be unpacked into all it’s different component parts and these parts or sections of the description then turn into longer discussion.

The deonThai™ METHOD, of Thai Yoga Therapy, is a floor based system of therapeutic yogic body work, that uses mindful movement and conscious communication, to maximize mobility, clarify consciousness, cultivate compassion and generate good will. For the purpose of improving the health and well being of both giver or practitioner and receiver and client. While mindfully employing techniques that include mainly acupressure, assisted stretching and joint mobilization. It’s firstly actually for the benefit of the practitioner and can be seen as a type of moving meditation practice or a yogic movement practice. And then only later does it become something that can be done, as a means of generating good will, maybe more specifically in the form of generating financial energy or hanging out a shingle or creating a website or advertising that you have the service to provide.

So in this video, I’m gonna be discussing several different approaches. I’m gonna be talking about a more detailed introduction to Thai Yoga Therapy. Sometimes call Thai Yoga Massage. And most often just referred to as, Thai Massage.

All these different terminologies or names for the practice, they basically are all a floor style of something that could be referred to as traditional Thai Massage.

Whether it’s the Northern Hill Tribes around the north of Thailand or whether it’s the Indian influence of Ayurveda and yoga that are more part of the official sort of more standardized, government approved version of tradition Thai Massage. I have been influenced by a wide variety of teachers and also by practitioners from different styles. I’ve probably learned more from the receiving of this work than in actual formal study. So, partly that’s why decided to call my work the deonThai™ METHOD of Thai Yoga Therapy. That way I feel that I can discuss this freely, I can say this is my approach, this is how I see this, I could maintain my integrity, I could call upon examples and experiences and things from my own perspective.

My approach is encapsulated in the deonThai™ METHOD. My method or my approach to teaching this style of traditional Thai Massage, is an authentic interpretation of the more northern style traditional Thai massage as influenced by the Hill Tribes, such as the Lana and the Shan and of course it incorporates a lot of the Ayurvedic and yoga perspectives.

We’re trying to make the deonThai™ METHOD as accessible, safe and effective as possible.

And for the widest range of people, especially non professional practitioners and we’re talking people from all walks of life. Not just professionals such as, massage therapist and yoga teachers, who obviously do make up a significant portion of our audience. Anybody’s welcome to use in whatever method they espouse or ascribe to. Whatever they would like, whatever is useful from what I have to say and show. You’re welcome to use it and the only thing I ask is that if you’re going to call it the deonThai™ METHOD, then I would like to know about it. Since it is considered the folk style or the commoner, villager style of Thai Massage, that this is a practice that is by the people, and for the people.


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Traditional Thai Massage


  1. Melissa says:

    Thankyou for all your videos! I enjoy watching them and learning from you! 🙂

    • Thanks for connecting. It makes me happy to know people are getting some benefit from the content we share. Have you done any live training in Thai Massage with anyone?

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