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Ventura County, California

Ojai, California

Ventura County, California

12293 Topa Lane
Santa Paula, California CA 93060
United States (US)
Phone: +1 (323) 610-6000


Although Senior Teacher, Deon de Wet regularly travels to practice and teach at different venues in the United States and abroad, the main training facility is in the Upper Ojai Valley in Southern California, about 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles. On site is a studio and residential quarters situated in a pristine natural environment that lends itself to retreat, renewal, learning and growth.

The wood-floored training studio lies on land lush with live oaks, fruit trees, green lawns and a vegetable garden. Next to the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County, it is a peaceful haven where hawks swoop by and owls hoot at night. Along with resident squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons, we are often honored with visits by deer, coyotes and bobcats. Even black bears and mountain lions are spotted in the vicinity from time to time.

Resident on the property are a trio of goats; a horse and a couple of donkeys, three pigs; a flock of chickens, ducks and turkeys; several cats and dogs; and an assortment of turtles and tortoises. The presence of all the animals and the abundant vegetation at the deonThai Studio in Upper Ojai makes for a very satisfying setting, adding to the profound experience of natural bonding and communication that students undergo during their training modules

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