July 5, 2011
Thai Massage travel mat

The Wisdom of the Portable Thai Massage Mat

I recently returned from a vacation in Austria which reminded me of what I call ‘the wisdom of the portable mat.’ Many of you are travelling […]
July 1, 2011
Wilmington 03

deonThai in North Carolina

Greetings to all my Friends in North Carolina: I’ll be arriving in Charlotte on July 14th and then driving to Wilmington – probably the next day. […]
February 21, 2011

Reconnecting to the Source of Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

Don’t you just love it when your mind, body and heart are activated by an experience that is so intense, that it turns into an epiphany? […]
January 12, 2011

The Thai Yoga Massage “Feedback Loop”

In my first blog, I described how I unexpectedly encountered Traditional Thai Massage, which changed my life and set me on the path of healing – […]
December 6, 2010

Introducing the deonThai METHOD BLOG

    From South Africa to Thailand, the USA and beyond What you are reading marks a new beginning for me: my entry into the blogosphere. […]