Practitioner Certification Program

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In addition to earning a Certificate of Completion after each of the four Certification classes, a Certificate of Achievement with designation as a CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER OF THAI YOGA THERAPY; OF TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE; OR OF THAI BODYWORK can be awarded to a student in recognition of:

  • Completing all four of the CERTIFICATION TRAINING CLASSES.
  • Receiving at least four (2-hour minimum) practice sessions from another student that has trained in the deonThai METHOD, each containing the entire sequence from the relevant class.
  • Performing and documenting 15 Practice Sessions for each of the four modules.
  • Submission, successful evaluation and approval of all 60 Practice Session Forms.
  • Receiving at least one 2-hour treatment session from any professionally practicing therapist NOT trained in the deonThai METHOD.
  • Showing evidence of having completed at least 15 hours of Anatomy & Physiology training from any recognized teacher or institution.


  • Demonstration of a higher level of commitment on the part of the student practitioner, over and above that of doing just the training courses, without the evaluated practical assignments and other additional requirements.
  • Certification provides entry into an exclusive, expert group of practitioners who have taken their training to the next step, affording the sense of satisfaction and confidence needed to differentiate themselves from all the other massage and bodywork therapists out there.
  • The most exclusive and best-paying spas and wellness centers in the world require, as a condition of employment, a practical achievement qualification over and above continuing education credits for time spent in classroom training.

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