About the Classes

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We offer four 3-day Certification Training Classes that can all be taken in any order and without prerequisites.
On completion, participants should feel well-grounded and ready to continue practicing with a sophisticated sequence of techniques specific to that particular class. 
There is also a 3-day Specialty Class intended for the already-trained bodywork practitioner that wants to learn how to apply
Traditional Thai Therapy techniques on the Massage Table.
Continuing Education Hours are awarded by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and approved by the State of New York for LMT license renewal.
Ongoing Instruction is available in a series of day-long Target Therapy Intensives, for those already trained in Thai Massage
that may be looking for renewed inspiration and deeper understanding of a wider range of techniques.

Our Curriculum:

deonThai Yoga - Classes Introductory


Introduction to Thai Yoga

Art of Touch:
Partner Thai Bodywork

Learn more

deonThai Yoga - Classes Foundation


Thai Yoga Massage Training

Earth, Water, Wind & Fire

Learn more

DTM Specialty


Thai on the Table

For Swedish-style Massage Therapists

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deonThai Yoga - Classes Intermediate


Target Thai Therapy Series

One, Two, Three & Four

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Introductory Classes

Partner Thai Yoga Bodywork

This class is intended for individuals and couples interested in cultivating embodied wisdom and a deeper sense of connection in their relationships.

Journey into a delightful exploration of touch, using assisted stretches and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques that can be done by and for most people, without requiring any prior experience of Yoga or massage.

Experience both giving and receiving this deeply relaxing, yet enlivening style of Yoga as you explore the joys of mindful movement and conscious healing touch.

Practice comfortably clothed, on a special arrangement of mats on the floor, while the instructor demonstrates each move on a model, verbally and visually directing the group through a satisfying sequence of moves, deeply integrating body, mind and soul.

Follow up the guided class with a "retreat-style" workshop, learning the Art of Touch in a blissful environment with ample time to steep in a profoundly relaxing process of bodily integration.

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

Find out how to Feel the Flow...

Join us for an afternoon of live demonstration, guided partner practice and discussion about the beautiful and deeply effective Art of Thai Yoga Massage.

Learn how to bodily practice loving-kindness and compassion, while improving your own flexibility, strength and alignment.

Explore many aspects of assisted Yoga & Thai massage, experiencing how the giver can use practically all parts of their body in a meditative Dance of Healing.

And how to leave the recipient feeling totally integrated: mentally relaxed and physically invigorated.

This informative program is intended for practitioners interested in finding more ways of enhancing intimacy and community through conscious healing touch.

Student Testimonials

“Deon led an outstanding Partner Thai Yoga workshop for my friends. He helped create a safe and nurturing atmosphere for us to explore Thai Yoga Massage. Not only was it fun, but it also felt wonderful. I left the workshop practically floating and empowered with some of the basics of this wonderful practice, instructed by a highly capable practitioner/teacher.”
– Robert Jacobsen, Los Angeles

“My husband and I attended Deon’s Thai Yoga Massage training as a couple and were delighted! Deon’s teaching style and focus on practicalities provided a foundation in a modality unfamiliar to us, with ease and enjoyment. We have been practicing with one another, weekly and it continues to be a wonderful opportunity for sharing loving affection and intimacy.”
– Jennifer Klein, Wilmington

Certification Classes


... are all built around the framework of a unique sequence of therapeutic techniques particular to each of the relevant modules: 

Training consists of a tried-and-tested combination of instruction, supervision and review by a renowned teacher with almost two decades of ongoing successful professional practice, worldwide.

Each module provides the optimal mix of history, theory and a very hands-on transmission technique, guaranteed to interest and engage all levels of student, be they beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Our aim is to clarify the integration of physical bodywork with meridian-based acupressure and energy work, teaching you how to apply a highly efficient combination of assisted Yoga and therapeutic healing massage.

Our emphasis is always on helping students to enhance their level of practical application, enabling them to continuously build a practice that is both therapeutically healing for the clients, as well as physically safe and sustainable to the practitioner.


Credit: 24 Continuing Education Hours are granted for each class completion through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and approved by New York State for LMT license renewal.

Admission: There are no prerequisites for any of these four modules.


  • Perform a complete series of highly effective acupressure, assisted stretching and joint mobilization techniques, optimally sequenced for maximum therapeutic effect.
  • Utilize your whole body, including your feet, knees and elbows, as well as hands (palms and thumbs) to improve your client’s health and well-being.
  • Arrange many different techniques in such a way as to effectively target all areas of the client’s body, giving you the tools to facilitate deep healing on various levels of awareness.
  • Incorporate philosophic concepts and theoretical foundations for actually implementing the fascinating ideas of Seeing with the Hands and Feeling with the Heart.
  • Use Yoga to improve your own comfort, strength and flexibility, as you work towards safely practicing on all types of people, from the moment you finish each course.
  • Do detailed work on your clients’ feet, legs, arms & hands, as well as some very effective techniques for the back-body, shoulders, chest & belly.
  • Perform full-body treatment sessions with the client lying mainly on their side and/or sitting in the seated position, especially good for pregnant women and others who have difficulty lying on their backs.
  • Apply assisted Yoga stretches with meridian and pressure point therapy, as well as Eight Limbs style techniques where the therapist can use their feet, knees and elbows to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on palms and thumbs.
  • Work in positions and a style that employ both the client’s energy meridians and the practitioner’s focus on whole-body mechanics, thereby taking the practice to a much higher level of therapeutic effectiveness.



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Specialty Classes


This 3-day class is intended for the already-trained bodywork practitioner that wants to learn how to apply Traditional Thai Therapy Techniques on the Massage Treatment Table, in a more conventional Western setting.

Although this module does not form part of the Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Certification Training, all of the same learning objectives and class characteristics will apply.

Consideration is given for the obvious differences in practitioner and client body positions with regards to a Swedish treatment table-based method of massage, versus a Traditional Thai floor-based modality.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists 

Participants will learn how to do a well-rounded sequence of therapeutic techniques, including supine, prone and side-lying client positions, performed on a massage table, employing conventional Western/Swedish-style draping methods.

Credit: 24 Continuing Education Hours are granted for course completion through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and approved by New York State for LMT license renewal.

Admission: Prerequisites include completion of at least 250 hours of Basic Massage Instruction OR at least 96 hours of training in Thai Massage or any other floor-based bodywork system with a recognized teacher or school.




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Target Therapy Intensives

  • Four one-day workshops, intended for already-trained practitioners.
  • Additional techniques to enhance your abilities.
  • Hands-on coaching to optimize therapists’ way of working, based on their individual body type and disposition.
  • Intensives each focus on relieving particular issues related to different areas in the client’s body.
  • Offering new tools and approaches for more advanced applications.
  • In-depth instruction on the “Sen” energy meridians, how and why they work with different styles of application.
  • 8 Continuing Education hours per class through NCBTMB, and approved by New York State for LMT license renewal.
  • Open to anyone with at least 3 days of prior Thai Massage Training.

1. Hands, Feet & Side-Lying Legs

Work with issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy and Sciatica

2. Arms, Shoulders, Neck & Head

Work with issues such as Frozen Shoulders, Impingement Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Tears, Water Retention and Headaches.

3. Torso: Front & Back

Work with issues such as Nervous Tension, Headaches, Back Problems, Digestive and other Stomach-related discomfort.

4. Legs: Lying Prone & Supine

Work with issues such as Water Retention, Sciatica, Leg Cramps, Nervous Tension and Low Blood Circulation.


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