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Just like all styles of Traditional Thai Massage, the deonThai METHOD of Thai Yoga Therapy has ancient roots in Buddhism, Yoga & Ayurveda from India; Traditional Medicine from China; and Shamanism from the indigenous tribes of Thailand.

As an Eastern manipulation and movement-based body therapy, it shares some characteristics with the Japanese modality Shiatsu, since it is also performed on a special mat on the floor, with the client comfortably dressed and mainly without the use of oils or lotion.

Because the use of the feet, as a tool for providing acupressure, is encouraged to such a degree in the deonThai METHOD, there are also some similarities to Chavutti Thirumal, the floor-based bodywork system from Kerala in Southern India.

Although CT is known for employing the feet almost exclusively in performing the massage, a key difference is the use of copious amounts of warmed oil, infused with specific essences, based on the Ayurvedic disposition of the client.

Typically, Thai Yoga Therapy practitioners will utilize most of their body - including feet, knees, forearms, hands, fingers & thumbs - to weave together a sophisticated sequence of stretches, rhythmic acupressure and gentle rocking movements.

For therapists, the style of body & energy work that is taught in the deonThai Training Program, is totally sustainable over the long term, since it avoids the overuse and fatigue of hands and thumbs, which can be so problematic to many professional body healers and therapists today.

Student Testimonials

“This workshop was both practical as well as inspirational. The instruction and course material were clear and incredibly useful for after the class. The environment was just perfect and made this feel like a retreat. The pigs roaming around were perfection. I am excited to come back for future classes. Thank you to Deon for making such a fab course!”
– Tatum De Roeck, Los Angeles

“The therapy is working well within my practice and I enjoy giving this treatment so much... Well, I just cannot thank you enough! I have adapted the treatment for my disabled clients and they love it. ”
– Jean Simon, Spa Owner and Therapist, London, United Kingdom

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