Student Testimonials

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"This workshop was one of the best experiences of my life! It was deep on an emotional, physical and intellectual level.  The instructor was very knowledgeable on the topic and related information well.  And I really appreciated his patience. The facility was in superb condition.  The work area was very clean and accommodating.  I felt very comfortable.  All of the instructional material was very structured and detailed.  It was very easy to understand. I was blown away by this workshop.
Thank you so much, Deon! You’ve impacted my life more than words can describe.  My quality of life has been improved… and so will the lives of my loved ones.  I am looking forward to working with you in the future."
– Crystal Cooper

“Thank you so much for the class you taught here this week. The feedback has been great and it is a pleasure working with you. Some of the students’ comments:
Really enjoyed the practical; It over-exceeded any expectations I had;
Learnt a whole new treatment; Was fantastic.”
– Lauren Buchan-Swanson, Senior Instructor, London, United Kingdom

“Just a quick message to tell you how much I appreciated your attitude and personality during our session last week. For sure, you’re a person who knows how to transmit skills. You have a great sense of teaching and due to your listening and observation skills, you always know what is good for the student, what detail needs to be paid attention to and so on. Thank you for being so welcoming and sharing your knowledge with such precision and generosity.”
– Cedric, Paris, France

“The International Dermal Institute, the world’s leading provider of postgraduate education in skin and body therapy, is a proud host to Deon’s Thai Yoga Therapy workshops at our training centers in the US and abroad.
Student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are always delighted to invite Deon to lend his unique approach and results-oriented regimen to our skin care therapists. Our students have declared that Deon’s teaching style; level of expertise, depth of knowledge and passion for Thai Massage far exceeds their expectations.With stringent criteria for whom we bring onto our roster as a guest lecturer, we have been very pleased with Deon’s reception not only in the US, but also in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.”
– Annet King, Director of Training & Development, Carson


"I want to thank you with all my heart for that AMAZING lesson! I value you so much! I do a weekly semi private yoga class for two chiropractors. The owner of the firm gifted her partner on Wed. with a Thai massage. Today the owner texted me that she heard such raves about my massage. She just ordered 4 gift certificates, $100 each. Your expertise has lead me towards a whole new career and I am so very grateful."
Rachel Toll

“Your professionalism, peaceful demeanor, and love of Thai Yoga Massage is evident in the way you teach and represent this beautiful way of healing and communicating. I appreciate all that you do, and the hard work and preparation in making the weekend so unbelievably informative, loving, and thought-provoking.”
– Melissa Rupoli-Katz, Yoga Teacher, Scottsdale

“Thank you so much for your time and wisdom this weekend. I have always been interested in formally beginning my experience of partnered, therapeutic bodywork. This has given me enough tools to not only begin that work but also piqued my interest in digging deeper and learning more. I would love to continue working with you.“
– Jeff Meanza, Chapel Hill

“Deon introduced me to Thai Yoga Massage. He was then invited by Les Nouvelles Esthetiques to tutor qualified spa therapists in his unique style of authentic Thai Yoga Massage. He came over, a gentle soul and a master in the sensual arts. His patience, integrity and passion for the disciplines and technique of Thai Yoga Massage made him the humble and beautiful teacher he proved himself to be in South Africa, and blessed us with his knowledge. We all fell in love with the man, and honored his wisdom.”
– Anna Kotze, Pretoria, South Africa

“I love these workshops. I feel like I learn so much and Deon is so patient and helpful! Awesome!”
– Michelle Lai, Echo Park

“Deon, I love your style of teaching! I love the analogies to describe the poses, and the time spent on the background of Thai Massage and the benefits and how to deal with tricky situations.”
– Teresa Castaneda, Santa Barbara

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“Beautiful location, delicious food, amazing students, and some mighty fine teaching.”
– Teresa Castaneda, Santa Barbara

“I would just like to say that I think the manual is fabulous! Thank you so much for providing such detailed info.”
– Beth Hanrahan, Charlotte

“Really enjoyed from start to finish. Learned many techniques (intentions!!) that I will be able to utilize in both my massage practice and yoga instruction.”
– Rachael Harper, Charlotte

“I loved being able to work with everyone in the workshop. It truly made the experience that much richer. The attention to details and walking us through instruction was invaluable. I feel like I’m leaving here with a solid foundation for giving Thai Yoga Therapy.”
– Jeaneal Guy, Wilmington

“Awesome workshop. Material was provided in manageable chunks. You were very thorough, graciously answered questions and provided a wonderful environment in which to study. Can’t wait until you come back.”
– Kim Bridi, Charlotte

“I very much appreciate your clarity, honesty, and humor. I can’t wait to go home and practice!”
– Sara Liberatore Lopez, San Francisco

“Thank you for coming out to teach last month. It was a lovely experience. I especially enjoyed the emphasis on needing to connect with ourselves first, before connecting with our partners and the explanation of the different levels of touch between humans, including non-sexual, but sensual-conscious. I appreciated the pace at which you taught and the attention you gave to each of us. It really seemed to flow naturally and by the end I felt another level of acceptance and non-judgment of my partner. I am a very body-based person and this experience gave me an opportunity to receive my partner’s touch in a compassionate and non-judgmental way – in the framework of learning & growth, rather than ‘this is how it should be.'”
– Anni Herring, Arizona

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The materials are clear and your instruction was great. The energy that you gave to us was all positive and kind which made the group dynamics the same. Thank you and I look forward to putting this into practice and also to working with you again.”
– Marie Schwindl, Raleigh

“The entire 3 days was well-structured, informative, intense, enjoyable and professional. Not only have I learned some of the essentials to Thai Yoga Massage, I walk away with a mentor and friends for life.”
– Melissa Rupoli-Katz, Arizona

“After attending Deon’s Guided Partner – Weekend Workshop, at Exhale in NYC, I have developed a new affinity for Thai Yoga Therapy. I have been to Thailand and received Thai Massage and never experienced the same opening and surrendering as I felt while receiving Deon’s energetic practice. I have also gone to other, similar trainings, but had not fully comprehended the practice until attending this workshop. I have learned so much in a weekend – more than I have in all my collective prior experiences and training in Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Therapy. Many thanks to Deon for sharing his knowledge and love.”
– Anna Carbonell, Yoga Coordinator, Exhale MindBodySpa, New York City

“Thank you again for the amazing training. Your teaching was a rich offering filled with technique, heart and healing energy. It was to my amazement how my Yoga training blended so well with this therapy. They are great tools to learn. I have been using them in my classes as well as with my private clients. As you suggested, I did one person a week to practice and now I have regular paying clients. What a true gift. I look forward to learning more so I can serve the community even better.”
– Hillary Rubin, Yoga Instructor, West Hollywood

“The result of this way of working was to open the body in a much deeper way, I felt like areas that had never been open before, were finally getting to breathe, almost like having a light shone into a dark place.
I was so amazed at how my body was feeling that I decided to come back for the following day’s instruction. Upon my return to New York I continued to feel the benefits of the practice as well as Deon’s way of teaching.
If you are reading this flyer and if you are even thinking for a second that this may be something you would like to try…. do yourself a huge favor and sign up for the experience…. you’ll never feel the same again.”
– Catherine Owens, New York

“I’m using all those techniques you showed us that Sunday, and they are great. Thank you SOOOOOO much. They have saved my palms, thumbs and arms – and back, even.”
– Georgina Purple, Thai Massage Therapist, Los Angeles

“You are an amazing teacher and bodyworker. I loved the extra little talks you gave, especially around meditation & yoga & the other things that you do as a bodyworker to maintain harmony in mind, body & Spirit.”
– Jem Hardy, Los Angeles

“I love the generosity of your teaching, paying attention to the detail of how we do things; your patience and the generosity of sharing techniques. I also appreciate the depth of your learning, graceful technique and dedication to growth, spreading “metta”, etc.”
– Kineret Sherman, Los Angeles, CA

“This was one of the best continued education workshops I have been to in my massage career. The hands-on was excellent. I didn’t ever feel rushed or as if I was being judged. I am excited to take the other classes available. You have a beautiful spirit and wonderful touch. Thank you so much for sharing what you love.”
– Kim Neater, Charlotte

“Thank you for conducting such a wonderful and successful course for the International Dermal Institute in Australia. The students absolutely loved the course and want more! It was phenomenal and has been one of the most successful courses we have run – thank you.”
– Leanne Rigney, Divisional Education Manager, Sydney, Australia

“It was wonderful. I wouldn’t change anything. The whole class flowed and I feel I learned a lot in 5 days. It was fun. Thank you!”
– Kaja Gawronski, Santa Barbara

“I loved when Deon verbally guided us through the massage and when needed, he guided our bodies where they needed to go.”
– Stephanie Hechtman, Los Angeles

“I like the honesty and helpful critiques throughout the sessions. Also liked switching partners so I could understand different bodies. Also felt like mindfulness was present and equanimity.”
– Student, Los Angeles

“Deep gratitude for your suggestions and kind teaching. Your gentle approach really resonates with the way yoga practice is all about. You are a wonderful gift to the yoga and Thai Yoga Practitioner training Sangha. Namaste & Om Shanti.”
– Pradnya Bhende, Charlotte

“I loved the attention to detail without sacrificing the flow. Wonderful clear demos, articulate guidance on the 3rd day. Appreciate the way you have integrated Anusara into both your body and in awareness of the client.”
– Rachael Goolsby, Wilmington

“This course surpassed my expectations. I just wanted to obtain hours for my license and learn/be exposed to a different technique. I received much more! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try this on family and friends.”
– Stephanie Konny, Wilmington

“I really LOVE that you verbally walk us through each stage of the game. I feel more competent after the repetition. I love the routine and am looking forward to implementing the moves.”
– Allassandra Rhody, Ojai

“I love the moving yoga practice on each day to open the body and prepare for more practice. This was awesome. Intensely awesome! Thank you!”
– Angela Benton, Charlotte

“Instructions were very thorough and easy to understand. Hands on practice with different partners helped me to see and feel differences in different bodies, their limitations and flexibilities. I like the technique of instructions and general tips for improving the practice of yoga and incorporating (integrating) with Thai Yoga massage.”
– Leisa Sossamon, Charlotte

“I loved Deon’s way of guiding us through how to correctly execute this therapy. He is a wonderful instructor and I really feel confident with the material he has taught us in these 3 days. Giving a full session for practice the 3rd day really helped to tie it all together.”
– Brookelin Gottlieb, Los Angeles

I feel like I could actually go out and do this now. The lessons were easy to follow and Deon is a wonderful teacher, very thorough, descriptive and inviting. I can’t wait for the next class.”
– Brandi Daniels, Hollywood

“Les Nouvelles Esthetiques SA, South Africa’s leading professional spa magazine, was proud to have hosted Deon as one of our speakers at our 3rd Annual Spa Conference. Deon provided his insight and knowledge to delegates from all over the African continent. Based on their feedback, he was one of the highlights of our speaker program.
His knowledge and professionalism, whilst conducting a Thai Yoga Therapy Foundation Course, after the Conference, allowed for spa therapists to gain the keys to this remarkable art form that he teaches. We look forward to his future visits in South Africa, where we already have a waiting list for his return.”
– Dr Nadine de Freitas, Managing Editor, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I am always looking for ways we can do things better at the Medspa -particularly how to enhance our clients’ experience. After having such an incredible, educational and insightful session at one of Deon’s workshops I knew that I needed to incorporate some of his techniques into our services.”
– Colin Hurren, CEO, Skin Deep Laser Medspa, Pasadena

“I studied Thai Yoga Therapy with Deon on my visit to Los Angeles last summer. Since then, I have been combining a lot of the Thai Yoga Therapy methods into my everyday practice. I feel that it has helped me develop as a knowledgeable Massage Therapist. Deon’s a great teacher and was able to work the class well. No matter what level people were at – whether they were in the class to learn to be able to do this on friends and family or to take it on professionally – he was able to customize the class to fit everyone’s individual needs.”
– Joe Rubino, Certified Massage Therapist, London, United Kingdom

“I just returned from the Foundation of Thai Yoga Massage Training in Upper Ojai, CA. This is the fifth training that I have attended with Deon, and I just want to share with everyone how fantastic the training was! I spent five wonderful nights in Deon’s new cottage adjacent to his ranch. The training was awesome, and the whole experience felt like a mini retreat. I loved everything about it, from the days spent learning, giving and receiving Thai Yoga Massages, the great healthy lunches, the beautiful accommodations, Deon’s magical ranch, the new friends I made and wonderful camaraderie between everyone, the gorgeous Ojai Valley, and most of all Deon’s gift of teaching and sharing this wonderful gift with his students. He is truly a master teacher and makes learning so effortless. I look forward to many more offerings from Deon and the opportunity to improve and expand my Thai Yoga Massage/Therapy business. Deon—thank you from
the bottom of my heart!”
– Anni Herring, Sedona, AZ

“I was really surprised that such a simple series could make such profound results and create such deep opening without strain or stress.”
– Michael Filipowich, Los Angeles

“Excellent workshop. Enjoyed it very much. Extremely knowledgeable and attentive instruction. Material was presented very well and I was able to get a good understanding and feel for it during the course of the training. Excited to put this training into my professional application.”
– Dana Carlson, Wisconsin

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