About the deonThai METHOD

This style of Thai Yoga Therapy reduces stress, relieves pain and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself, both physically and emotionally.

Uniquely adapted to the needs of a contemporary Western clientele, this ancient form of healing from the East employs a variety of techniques in a complete, balanced and deeply therapeutic system.

The deonThai METHOD consists of a series of interactive movements, stretches and rhythmic massage, addressing all the main energy channels and pressure points of the body.

The often deeply meditative experience can be quite stimulating when performed more dynamically, causing the same blissed-out feeling as after a good yoga class or exercise session.

Or it can be done more gently, in a soothing manner, depending on the restorative needs or mood of the client.

This kind of healing touch can reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels, freeing up areas of tension, while increasing vitality and well-being as connections are strengthened between body and mind.

Results typically include the deep release of energetic blockages, improving spinal alignment, physical balance, joint mobility and overall flexibility.

Clients also report enhanced mental clarity, sounder sleep, greater endurance and increased enjoyment of sports, work and play.

Treatments are done with the client comfortably clothed and performed on a special mat on the floor, mostly without the use of oils or lotion.

This form of bodywork can be very relaxing and highly therapeutic for many health conditions including back issues, muscle strains or osteoarthritis.

It can also enhance immune function, boost levels of endorphins and serotonin - the body's natural painkillers and mood regulators - and increase blood circulation.

Those with anxiety, depression or eating disorders can also take advantage of the positive effects on the mind that certain combinations of yoga and massage have been proven to have.

A form of neuromuscular therapy is employed, where concentrated pressure is applied to so-called “trigger points”.

These areas of chronic contraction in the muscle that may feel like lumps or knots are often painful and sometimes lead to more pain in other parts of the body.

Sufficient pressure is applied to these areas to relax the muscles, while stretching the surrounding tissue - known as fascia - to help prevent recurrence.

Ideally performed once or twice a month per client, complete Thai Yoga Therapy sessions are usually about two hours long.

Other treatment options are also available, such as specially targeted sessions for shorter times, performed more frequently.

Senior Practitioner and Founder of the METHOD

Deeply committed to providing the utmost in care and compassion to his clients and students, Deon de Wet has been practicing and teaching Thai Yoga Massage/Therapy internationally for many years.

After first discovering Traditional Thai Massage on a beach in Thailand, while on vacation in the year 2000, he remembers it bringing forth a profound sense of connection to his body, previously only felt after vigorous exercise.

Deon also experienced renewed sensations of emotional and spiritual well-being, similar to those related to periods of deep meditation.

After this first exposure in Thailand, he spent many years of training with a variety of world-renowned teachers in both Thailand and the USA, and after hundreds of hours of successful evaluations, began to practice professionally in Los Angeles and New York.

After thousands of hours of professional practice with rave reviews, he is still providing private treatments to a wide range of clients, many of whom have been attending regularly since he first began in 2002. 

Deon is currently certified to practice Massage & Bodywork by the State of California.

In addition to his thriving private practice, he is now focusing more of his efforts on expanding the deonThai METHOD Training Program.

Deon is offering a full curriculum of classes, from beginning to advanced levels, including Practitioner Certification in Thai Yoga Therapy for wellness professionals from all backgrounds.

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) has certified him as an Approved Provider of Continuing Education.

Deon is also sponsored by NCBTMB to teach New York LMTs continuing education that is accepted by the State of New York for license renewal.

His unique approach has transformed an ages old, healing art for rural commoners in South East Asia into a modern system for health & wellbeing, now aimed at a discerning international clientele.

But even so, Deon remains loyal to the roots of his practice, proudly acknowledging his membership in the ShivagoKomarpaj Lineage of the Northern Villager-style of Traditional Thai Medicine of the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Marcia Behar

    “I have been receiving Deon’s wonderful and therapeutic Thai Yoga Massages for several years. I go monthly and each time is a treasured and healing experience. This is a true investment in body, mind, and spirit from a gifted therapist.”

    Marcia Behar
    Los Angeles
  • Rosalie Newell

    “It only took one session with Deon for me to recognize his unusual qualities–his strength and his gentleness–and to come away completely relaxed, yet invigorated. That session took place several years ago and I am still a devoted follower.”

    Rosalie Newell
    Los Angeles
  • Heidi Plotkin

    “Emotional, physical and spiritual stress and deprivation brought me to a place of hopeless pain. After one session with Deon, I could breathe, think and move more freely. After a few more visits, I was able to experience joy again.”

    Heidi Plotkin
    Mother of 3
  • Coco Blignaut

    “Not in any treatment have I ever felt so willing to surrender and trust. What astounded me even more than how my body opened up to the treatment, was how I started getting flashbacks into long forgotten childhood memories. Awesome experience!”

    Coco Blignaut
  • Betzi Stein

    “As a massage therapist, I know the ultimate compliment for me is when a fellow body worker raves about my work. It is in that spirit that I attempt to speak of Deon’s exquisite Thai Yoga Therapy. Words cannot describe the feelings of peace, wellbeing and opening that his work brought forth. One must experience it to believe it.”

    Betzi Stein
    Massage Therapist


Do you remember
When it felt so good to experience your body?
When you were really feeling it
From the inside … outwards …
When your thoughts were about running, jumping and diving
And when you went to sleep,
That delicious exhaustion
After a long day’s play…
And as you stretched out under the covers,
The last thought …
About the rest of a glorious summer lying ahead,
Still waiting to be experienced …
As you blissfully float away,
Quietly anticipating the adventure of tomorrow …
Come … let’s remember.

by Deon de Wet



Trained, evaluated and certified, these professional therapists have all demonstrated their skill and ability in effectively applying the deonThai METHOD.