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“I am writing to thank you for the “Change in my Body” that you caused to happen with yesterday’s Thai Massage. I have tended in the past to avoid having a massage but had never heard of the Thai Massage technique until this trip (to Santa Monica.) What a fantastic experience!!! BUT, most importantly I did not even think to tell you at the outset when you asked me if I had any specific issues to be addressed that for many, many months I have been unable to turn my head to the left and look over my shoulder. Obviously, this has been a problem driving a car. This morning I still have some tenderness in my neck when I turn my head to the left, BUT I have full range of motion and NO Pain! What a great feeling and happiness to regain the mobility.”
– Lawrence L. Pearce, Naples

“Deon de Wet is a master artist in freeing the physical and emotional body from constraints. He has helped me recover from a broken arm and wrist, with physical therapy, stretching and special exercises. In addition, he has been helping me heal from a severe TMJ (jaw) condition. Deon is such a personable, warm, kind and compassionate healer. I truly appreciate his gentleness and consideration with my body. He possesses an unerring instinct for discovering energetic blockages and constrictions. The healing vibrates through my body and I feel revitalized. I trust him implicitly.”
– Charlotte Low, Private Tutor, Los Angeles

“There is only one word that could sum up Deon: “Extraordinary”. On a long journey and search for the ultimate massage experience, he arrived as the one that wasn’t possible. Operating on both a physical and spiritual level, Deon offers the most Holistic massage experience I have ever encountered. I would recommend him without reservation.”
– Anand Tucker, Film Director/ Producer, London

“My patients and I have all benefited from the profound experience of Deon’s Thai Yoga. He has helped them to maintain the gains from chiropractic treatments and also assisted me with my own personal Yoga and Pilates practices.”
– Dr. Joshua Delson, Chiropractor, Santa Monica


“It was a pleasure and a godsend to meet you! You are a miracle worker!!!! I felt such peace and warm caring from the session like a baby in the womb (truly). Went home and slept so well. Getting up, no hurt in the neck as well as no shoulder tightness! Thank you, thank you! I have taken to heart your talks regarding harmony. I do love that word and what it stands for. That sounds like the way for achievement each day… I really loved your place of peace with the animals and the garden. Have been thinking of it so much today. I know I would like another session in the future maybe as the surgery date gets closer. I need to be strong for that!! (but soft). I will keep in touch and again a thousand thanks cannot describe my feelings.
– Ruby, Santa Barbara

“Working with Deon is an amazing experience. I have been going for several years and never want to stop. He has an incredible intuition for what needs to be done and no session is ever the same. I find myself in a transcendent state as we progress through the session. My sessions with Deon are about much more than feeling better physically. Of course my body feels great afterwards, however the energetic movements and clearing of meridian pathways is something I had not experienced before. With Deon’s help I am continually releasing all kinds of stuff and this is helping me to continue to reveal more of the being at my center. I feel that Deon is a blessing that has helped me navigate through tough times and reach higher and higher in my pathway during positive times. I feel he is a critical ingredient for my good health and achievement of my life goals.”
– Howard Lovus, Entrepreneur, Santa Monica

“When I experienced Thai Yoga Therapy with Deon, it was like playing in an amusement park in my body–I saw and felt colors, weightless movement, and a free flow of energy that made me laugh. Perhaps it was a landmark moment in my on-going practice of body work to be able to experience major opening without all of the old emotional garbage which used to reside in so many untapped places. It is fabulously freeing.”
– Patsy Baughn, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles

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“Thai Yoga is a journey involving all the senses and a willingness to “let go” of the stresses and pains that capture us in our daily lives. Deon guides the body and spirit through a series of exercises impacting the body and consciousness in ways that are surprising (who could imagine achieving these yoga positions?) and totally gratifying. You leave a session in a very different “place” experiencing a sense of wellness that is pervasive. This is a gift that I give to myself.”
– Andy Wolf, Entrepreneur

“I love Deon’s Thai Yoga Massages!! When Deon does his magic; the world could be crumbling down around me and I’d still feel like I’m in heaven!!”
– K.F. Mother of 2

“I have a dancer’s body, slim, supple and toned. When I met Deon, I was not dancing. I felt my body was eroding away. I started with one Thai Massage a month. My body would feel wonderful, all stretched out and limber. A month later, it seemed like I was starting over. Deon suggested I do 5 sessions in 5 days, which is his Intensive Series. With the hope of regaining my dancer’s body, we began. What a gift I gave myself! Each session was an adventure — a different part of me opened up each time. I felt so loved being touched from head to toe and stretched every direction. I released emotions. I regained my flexibility. Each session was a joy. By the end of the series, I had crossed an invisible barrier I could not penetrate before. I felt I had my body back! With daily stretching and strengthening movements, I maintain what Deon helped me regain. Deon’s Intensive Series is an incredible gift to give to yourself. To be in Deon’s hands for ten hours is totally awesome and so worth it! It changes you.”
– Sylvia Silk, Owner of the Institute For Balanced Living

“Fully aligned and held by Grace… That’s how I’m feeling after Thai Massage with Deon de Wet. Wow!”
– Carrie Williams, Charlotte

“Deon has a great love and enthusiasm for the art of Thai Yoga Massage and he is able to express and share it in a wonderful way that is uniquely his own. He also happens to be a skilled practitioner with great intuitive ability. His clients are raving about his work and I definitely recommend a Thai Yoga Massage session with Deon.”
– Saul David Raye, Yoga and Thai Massage Teacher, Santa Monica

“I have been receiving Deon’s wonderful and therapeutic Thai Yoga Massages for several years. I go monthly and each time is a treasured and healing experience. This is a true investment in body, mind, and spirit from a gifted therapist.”
– Marcia Behar, Los Angeles

“I haven’t felt that good in a long time. It was truly amazing. You do fantastic work.”
– Anthony Benenati, West Hollywood

“It only took one session with Deon for me to recognize his unusual qualities–his strength and his gentleness–and to come away completely relaxed, yet invigorated. That session took place several years ago and I am still a devoted follower.”
– Rosalie Newell, Los Angeles

“I’ve had frequent massages throughout the last 25 years in many countries, at top spas and with some of the best body workers here in Los Angeles. Your work is the most precise, effective, integrative and healing in the world. Thank you for your extraordinary practice and gift.”
– Felice Willat, Retired Entrepreneur/Corporate Founder


“Emotional, physical and spiritual stress and deprivation brought me to a place of hopeless pain. After one session with Deon, I could breathe, think and move more freely. After a few more visits, I was able to experience joy again.”
– Heidi Plotkin, Mother of 3

“Not in any treatment have I ever felt so willing to surrender and trust. What astounded me even more than how my body opened up to the treatment, was how I started getting flashbacks into long forgotten childhood memories. Awesome experience!”
– Coco Blignaut

“Deon’s approach to Thai massage goes far beyond being a profession, it seems to be an expression of his powerful healing touch.”
– Sophie Parienti, Editor, YOGItimes Magazine

“Paradise… Heaven… Bliss… You are amazing, incredible, fantastic… I am addicted.”
– E.L., Attorney

“The work you do is incredible — the best results I have ever had from ‘massage’.”
– D.R. Investment Banker

“After the session, I felt totally reenergized and relaxed, as if all the problems of life couldn’t have any more impact on my nervous system…”
– Valerie Verseau, Writer

“After a session of Thai Yoga therapy with Deon, I feel profoundly light, my senses are alert and I feel a deep sense of peace. Deon is truly dedicated to bringing about positive change through his work by being a facilitator of personal change. He is a master in the making.”
– Anya Zander, Spa Manager

“I’m experiencing a profound sense of well-being today, and it’s all a result of our session last night. You are clearly a gifted therapist, and I feel very fortunate to have been steered your way.”
– Catherine

“As a massage therapist, I know the ultimate compliment for me is when a fellow body worker raves about my work. It is in that spirit that I attempt to speak of Deon’s exquisite Thai Yoga Therapy. Words cannot describe the feelings of peace, wellbeing and opening that Deon’s work brought forth. One must experience it to believe it.”
– Betzi Stein, Massage Therapist

“I first went to Deon last year on the recommendation of, and accompanied by, a good friend of mine. I would have to stress that I am new to such experiences (the only word I can use as this is not a treatment or class.) I did not know what to expect as I was told to wear normal sports clothes. I had booked for two hours but honestly it was over way too quickly. Physically it was unlike any massage I have ever had, this was more like assisted yoga. Deon expertly took me as far as I could go and some of the experiences were quite extraordinary. Although quite physical the emotional releases were surprising to me. The physical movements seemed to unlock emotions. In fact I am really enjoying recalling the experience. At the end I sat quietly and felt. Indeed I was shocked at the feelings that arose out of a physical activity. I would have no hesitation in recommending the experience to anyone. I only wish Deon were nearer or I got to LA more often.”
– Dr. Adam Hoare, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom